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For safety reasons, we are not showing owners pictures with their puppies and not sharing the location. Instead, we will send a Review checklist (survey) with the puppy guide book, asking to leave a testimonial—all testimonials from the client’s Surveys.

  • " Nia has brought so much love, and joy to our little family.  She was so well trained by Katherine. Besides the perfect manners, she is so funny, strong and very clever. Sometimes it seems it is a person you looking at, not a French bulldog”.
    - Nancy, Clare Wilson

  • Our red fawn French bulldog, Caly, is the sweetest, best tempered, and dare I say, most beautiful dog in the world! He is just like his wonderful father! We couldn’t possibly love him more, and he couldn’t possibly be more perfect. We were first-time puppy owners, but with Katherine’s help and guidance, that was an enjoyable experience. For the first couple of weeks, we were in almost daily contact with Katherine. She helped us find the perfect bed spot, explained how and when to crate the puppy, and how to built trust and a loving relationship. She was always, always there for us-answering questions, providing thoughtful advice. We are so thankful to Elite breeder MD for Caly”.    Sending love,  - Rob, Marcus Hahnon

    "When Katherine wrote to tell me that she had a new litter of puppies in July 2019, I knew I had to have another one. I had already gotten my other Frenchie, Nancy, from Elite Breeder MD 2 years ago, and she needed a playmate. So..we got Enzo (brindle boy) when he was nine weeks old. He is charming and such a wonderful addition to our family. People ask me what breeder I got them from everywhere I take them because they are so beautiful, funny, and build strong, perfect Frenchies! Katherine is a wealth of information and support". - Luise Maria Ann

I cannot say enough about our positive experience with Elite Breeder MD and her "Frenchies gang". - Carol Lee

”Our Trish, brindle Frenchie, just ​bundles of pure joy with a fantastic personality. Katherine was very hospitable. She was so caring, asked about all my previous experience, explained all Frenchie’s specific. We picked Trish at the beginning of March 2019. We drove from Florida to MD. Katherine helped us book a pet-friendly hotel and even babysit Trish while we had an excursion to DC. Thanks, Elite Breeder MD, for our sweet nugget. We will come back “. - Margaret Anna Wilson

“I have been looking for French bulldogs for over 2(!) years. The market is so overflowed with scammers, sick puppies, or backyard breeders.  When I first saw Gizmo,  my heart almost stopped. I just knew he is the one. So well build such clever eyes. I showed pictures to my wife, and we called Katherine right away. She interviewed us to make sure we are responsible, gave us some literature to read, and we signed the agreement. We had Facetime each day until we picked him up. Thank you and your entire family for making him such a wonderful dog”. - Peter J Johnson

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